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If you have an urgent emergency, please call us directly to confirm your appointment at: 416 223 6666 ext 4.
For other enquiries, we are reachable by Telephone 416 223 6666 ext 4 and Email -

Full Exam

Full ocular assessment. This service checks your glasses prescription and ocular health.

Contact Lenses Fitting

Contact Lens fitting determines which Contact Lens brand and power is best suited for your needs. Can only be done after a Full Ocular Assessment or if a valid spectacle Rx is present.

Emergency Appointment

Emergencies include eye infections, styes, corneal abrasions, red/itchy eyes, ocular pain. For sudden loss of vision or onset of flashes/floaters, please book same day or go to Emergency Room

The day of your appointment :
Please arrive 10 minutes in advance in order to update your file.
Patients aged 19 years and under or 65 and older must bring their OHIP card.
Please note that additional fees may be applied under the recommendations of the optometrist.